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If you have been watching anime for quite a while or seen many photos you’ve probably landed on Gintama at one point or another, your first impression must have been something like : another wacky anime huh, that was my reaction too, but boy was I wrong. It was one of the most enjoyable anime to watch and easily one of my all time favorites. And i’m going to tell you just why :

CHARACTERS – enemies, supporting cast 

Okay so I’ll start with the characters of Gintama, in general. This anime has some of the funniest, most unique, lovable characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. I mean the things these people do, are just so crazy they become amazing. Each character has a specific use/position, nobody is useless or present for merely the satisfaction of fan-boys like in other anime’s (guess who) even the wackiest character is impeccably developed, their story is consistent, everything makes sense and they’re just so darn lovable. You get to see many sides of each character which only prompts you to love them more. This is literally the first anime were I loved every freaking girl character (even though I kinda resented that ginger girl from the four devas arc just in the begging though :p). Each character speaks their minds and leaves a damn big impression on you, from a sadist police officer to a masochist stalker to a mayo freak, elements that would usually sound ridiculous but work superbly in this case. Even the emotional scenes the characters are involved in are just as good, it really is a to die for cast. Although some people might find certain characters annoying, especially if your shipping two people and the third is kinda in between, but there might be a attribute you don’t like, however it won’t effect the overall anime. personally i didn’t hate anyone but everyone has their own opinion in characters i guess.


I mean you even love the enemies for heavens sake, and if not love then defiantly respect, each is amazing with powers and personality to boot. They don’t have crazy last minute power-ups (Insert you-know-who) or nakama power-ups (you knew this was coming) but has a substantial amount of power to align with each of their respective titles. The other thing I loved about the enemies is that they don’t continuously spout nonsense and unnecessary insults to the main character, they don’t just continuously flap their mouth and have goals that make sense and relate to their life problems, they have more dignity and respect than a mere villain. you can almost feel their pain at times and can easily sympathize with them.

You also learn to fucking love the animal characters and the non-living objects. I bet your thinking “love non-living objects?” yes, yes indeed. See this fucker? He’s example #1 watch the anime and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.  All in all the author does a amazing job of making the characters lovable, realistic and so damned easy to sympathize with. He managed to brim them with life and express their emotions in the most appropriate way that would leave you wishing they were real and comparing them to your real life friends then sobbing in the corner because real life people suck.


Although Gintama seems to be most known for it’s comedy, the emotional scenes in it are not to be underestimated. It will leave you bawling like a baby one second then grinning like a fool in the other, there’s also alot of wisdom implemented to every story/situation or character. There are many to die for quotes and the addicting OST’s are a undeniably strong factor in this, i would start tearing up when that familiar sad tune started playing, they’re just so damned fitting for that moment. 

sad moments – with the existence of amazing characters, original story line’s and people from all age’s suffering’s this was one of the major aspect that grabbed me into the anime. Every action a character does has a realistic reasoning, maybe that’s what made it so sad, also the great expressions and atmosphere. They’re so well done and with the most perfect timing that leaves your heart in tatters. you might not expect this coming from a comedy anime but it’s a wonderful aspect to have, some anime fail to leave any kind of emotional connection with me, i feel nothing for the characters or their problems and quotes (d-gray man) but for some reason Gintama just really hit it with me, i was hanging on every word the characters said, and it made it worse when at the beginning they were killing of characters quite alot. But the most important thing is it succeeds to not feel or be cliche at any moment and the happy/thoughtful scenes leave you completely satisfied and loving the world even more. There were many side stories of other peoples lives which managed to be equally sad.

(dont wanna spoil anything)

“Katsura: Gintoki, will you take up your sword once again to cleanse this rotting nation? Lend me the strength of the fearsome white demon once again.  Is this finally it? Rather than falling into enemy hands, we should kill ourselves and die as warriors.

Gintoki: Don’t be stupid. Stand up. If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then why not live beautifully until the last? Let’s do it, Zura.”

The perfect blend of sad,happy, thoughtful scenes and great characters naturally help in some bad-ass scenes. The fights are always  good, their expressions, their feelings, their techniques are all mixed together resulting in some of the most memorable fights you’ve probably seen in a while.

I think I’ve pretty much talked about everything now. The story line is relate-able, although it is quite random with no definite goal, the comedy is hilarious and very unique, just unbelievable stuff they do, the dramatic scenes will leave you bawling and all in all it’s defiantly a must watch. It also teaches you many things, therefore i declare it useful to watch, wanna be a better person ? wanna have a laugh? wanna forget your sorrows? watch Gintama 😉 but you can skip episode 1&2 since you won’t understand shit 😀 just start from the main story in episode 3. oh wait there’s something i forgot to talk about, how could i? gawd i still need to talk about Gintoki Sakata a.k.a main character.

MAIN CHARACTER – Gintoki sakata

Gintoki, Gintoki, were the hell do i start?. First off, he’s nothing like any other shounen/main character. he’s lazy as fuck, he’s perverted, he’s rude, he doesn’t take things seriously, he’s irresponsible, obsessed with his permed hair, he’s a sweet maniac and frequently picks his nose, oh and he’s also one of the most skilled samurai of that time and is nicknamed “the white demon”. First of it’s all these attributes that make Gintoki stand out, and most importantly mundane people like us can easily relate to (especially the laziness, i mean 100% me). He doesn’t like complicating things or fighting, he’d rather achieve fast victory to avoid unnecessary bloodshed despite being virtually unmatched in skills. What you love about him is his wisdom and his actions in a hard time, he certainly doesn’t do anything the usual way but still has great pride in his code and has sworn to protect the people around him, i guess this intensified after the loss of his friends in the war. He’s good at masking his feelings and would rather solve everything himself then drag other people in to it. From other characters point of view, he’s one of the strongest in the district, people who fight him often describe him as a monster or a blood bathed demon eg. That man, with his silver hair bathed in blood…his form in the battlefield, it truly was that of…a demon” this is probably because he fights with brute force. Either way, you will route for him every second, you’ll hang on to his words, you’ll watch him go berserk and break down but in the end you’ll love him just as much.


So in conclusion, i really enjoyed it, defiantly one of my all time favorites and a must watch on my list. Be open minded and embrace it with all your heart because it’s a anime worth loving. It’s funnier if you have a slightly perverted sense of humor haha (also isn’ t gintoki hot? i mean really, and quite alot of the cast to, hijikata, sougo ahh bliss~~)